How to Set Up Ads.txt on Impactify Platform

We realize that putting up an ads.txt file from scratch can be problematic. That is why Impactify offers publishers an automated integration tool to set up an ads.txt file directly on our platform. There you will find a piece of code that will automatically update the file with the new information about Impactify and other publisher’s partners. With this option, the process of putting the ads.txt file on your site couldn’t be easier.

Impactify has two ways of implementing ads.txt on the platform depending on your needs: manual and programmatic.

Manual Setup

Impactify makes it possible to manually integrate the ads.txt file on your website. The dashboard informs you if the system has updated the ads.txt. After the file has been updated you can upload the new ads.txt version to your site.

Programmatic Setup

If you want to avoid setting up ads.txt manually we would recommend using the automated process. To generate a dynamic ads.txt file simply create a new file “adstxt.php” and then add a new rewrite rule to your “htaccess” file. Like that you make sure that ads.txt generated by Impactify is free from any errors and is always up-to-date. We guarantee that with our surefire ads.txt integration mechanism you won’t lose a single source of revenue.

In case you already have an ads.txt file, you can save its content on the platform and Impactify will automatically add all the necessary lines to your file.

If you have questions about our platform, do not hesitate to contact us via email. Our support team will help you get rid off all problems in no time.