More than Half of Digital Ad Budgets Goes to Video

Last month the IAB published a new study claiming that video ad spend will continue to grow in 2018. According to the research, nearly 60% of advertisers’ ad budgets are already allocated to digital video and the number will keep growing.

After interviewing 353 respondents, the IAB found that original video programming is essential to media plans and spend of 9 out of 10 interviewed advertisers. All participants see digital video as a better alternative to TV.

Video Is Gaining Popularity

One of the reasons why digital video is on the rise is the data it provides to advertisers. With diverse reporting options, marketers can easily track campaign performance and tweak it accordingly. More importantly, with prominent placement and branding, an ad can reach audiences that would not be reached with traditional TV advertising.

Opportunities and Recommendations

The IAB forecasts the steady growth of native video advertising. The findings show that last year nearly two-thirds of digital video advertisers invested in native opportunities and they plan to increase the budget in the next 12 months.

What remains important to advertisers are effective programming, affordable pricing, and quality digital environment. In case you are a media buyer looking for these features, do not hesitate to contact our video and native ad network that specializes in programmatic advertising. The Impactify team will gladly help you with your video strategy for 2018.