Slate renews its partnership with Impactify in 2021

Impactify, an AdTech specializing in next-generation premium video formats, continues its collaboration with Slate France. Their exclusive formats appeal to the leading online magazine, as they address both branding and performance needs, and deliver a unique user experience on mobile.

These format creators bring expertise to all publishers willing to improve their performance. Impactify invented the outstream video corner placed in the notification area. Today, this startup has developed and protected the exclusive “Impact Screen” format on mobile. It is the only full screen video footer format that meets UX requirements and undeniable visibility for advertisers.

“The quality of the formats implemented on our sites appeared to us to best meet our premium integration objectives. At Slate, we believe that experience and contextual control are synonymous with performance. Impactify’s premium campaigns, whether national or international, guarantee our readers consistent messages that respect their browsing experience”, explained Nicolas Valverde, Advertising Director for Slate France.

In the first year of collaboration with Slate, Impactify has been totally convincing with the increase in revenues thanks to their exclusive video formats.

“As a premium digital magazine with a 100% ad revenue model, our priority is to offer formats that are both visible to our partners and guarantee a smooth browsing experience for our readers”, said Nicolas Valverde. “The performance levels and revenues generated over the past year 2020 in a context of health crisis, have only supported the desire to renew Slate’s trust in Impactify teams”, he adds.

This technology is on a mission to move the web to fewer, higher quality formats. Impactify is already being adopted and used by media companies and many premium publishers, and the exclusive formats are appealing to the largest advertisers because they meet both branding and performance needs, and deliver a unique and enjoyable user experience on mobile.

Translated from original article of Ratecard: