Delivering An Outstanding
Advertising Experience

It has always been our mission over the past years. For our Publishers, we want to deliver more than revenues. For our Advertisers, we are a trusted partner. Our impactful Video-Ad formats delight readers and better engage customers.

Innovation, Service & Transparency

Innovation – At Impactify, we try to think out of the box! It is what makes the business different and helps it grow and prosper.

Customer excellence – we work tirelessly to gain and keep the trust of all stakeholders. So our team is determined to provide the best-quality service, to innovate on behalf of our clients and to assist them whenever they need it.

Transparency – Trust is not something that gets build over night. The team is committed to be honest and transparent in our day-to-day work to earn our stakeholders’ trust.

Team Spirit & Humility

Team Spirit – We are a tight-knit, highly collaborative team. We’re always there to support each other. We couldn’t agree more with John C. Maxwell who said “Team work makes the dream work”.

Humility – We learn as long as we live and we love learning at Impactify. We’re not afraid to go outside our comfort zone, explore unknown territories, learn and contribute effectively outside our specialty.

What it means to work with us

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