Impactify invented the outstream format in the notification area

Impactify is a pioneer in the world of smart programmatic advertising. Keeping User Experience in mind, we were the first to create non-intrusive video ad formats in the notification area around the best, up-to-date UX practices. Our refined ad units are played without interfering with users’ on page navigation.

Our goal is to help advertisers optimize their marketing campaigns while skyrocketing publishers’ revenues. Our detail-oriented approach has already improved the performance of both advertisers and publishers across Europe and Asia.

Passion About Tech Is in Our DNA

Impactify’s tech junkies are constantly on guard of new technologies. We research, develop, and test new creative solutions to provide you with the top-notch ad units. We don’t stand still, we grow and upgrade our Video Ad Platform on a daily basis.

User Experience Comes First

Great User Experience is what we value the most. We know how annoying invasive online advertising can be. That’s why we decided to build from scratch UX friendly ad formats that don’t disturb the reading flow. All of our ad formats are fully compliant with the Better Ads Standards.

We Care About Your Needs and Wishes

Our platform links demand to the editorial inventory in the most efficient way. Here, at Impactify, we believe that relevant ad units are the key to flawless User Experience and high View Through Rates.


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