What is Impactify?

Impactify is a premium monetization platform which helps publishers to increase their revenue and brands to have a higher impact on their audience.

Why should I use Impactify?

Our ad units represent a new source of monetizing your audience. They are incremental and allow you to increase your advertising inventory. They have been created with the primary goal to respect user experience, while providing 100% viewable ads for advertisers. And our CPMs are among the highest on the market!

What if I already have ads on my site?

No problem. We are not exclusive. Our offering is designed to coexist with display ads. You can run ads from traditional ad networks in addition to Impactify. We work to make you as much money as possible.

Do you offer other advertising besides video?

No, thanks to our experience we think video ads are the best opportunities for publishers as well as for advertisers.

What eCPM and fill rate can I expect?

Our fill rates and eCPM can fluctuate depending on campaigns and websites. The type of site you have and the characteristics of the audience that visits your site influence the eCPM potential.

What type of ads will air on my sites?

We will only have premium ads. You will never see ads with offensive or illegal content on your sites.

Are the video ads compatible with all browsers and all devices?

Yes, they are compatible with all browsers as well as all devices (desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets).

Do you have a real time dashboard for me to view progress on?

Yes. Once you are registered, you may log in to access it. Data will be filled once the ads are running on your sites.

How could I know if my sites will be accepted?

Impactify reserves the right to reject sites with a traffic under 100,000 views / month, but the editorial quality of your site is the most important criterion. We also ask that your sites do not contain intrusive ad units (pop-up, pop-under…) and have a reasonable amount of ads. We will not accept websites with illegal downloads, streaming, hacking, adult or offensive content, as defined in the Terms & Conditions. Your site must comply with the laws.

How do I get started?

Just fill out the registration form to get started. Once the registration is complete and approved, you can access your dashboard where you will find the tags to implement on your sites, but also your stats and your incomes.

Why are ads not showing on my site?

Your ad tags have not yet been aligned to our network of demand sources. Once your new tag is created, we will align all current demand partners. This process may take up to 72 hours, so we ask that you remain patient as we finalize your tags.

Why is my fill rate low?

First, please make sure that your ads.txt file is updated with the correct lines to avoid losing ad revenue. The fill rate depends also on other parameters, like the quality of your audience and seasonality. We recommend to mainly check your VCR so that it is not indicated in red. You also have to make sure that our tag is not in passback waterfall. Better are your VCR and your revenues if our tag is called from the very first second of the page loading.

Why haven’t I been paid yet?

You can see your revenues in your dashboard. Please ensure your banking information is correct in your dashboard. To be eligible for payout, your earnings balance must break the required $100 threshold for payout by the end of the payment period. All payments are issued by bank transfer 60 days after validation of monthly income. Once the payment is issued, you will find the corresponding invoice in your dashboard.

Who do I contact about technical problems?

You can contact us via your dashboard to report problems. You can also contact us by email.


Request – When your app requests an ad.
Impressions – How many ads were viewed.
Revenue – How much you have made.
CPM – Cost Per Mille. Value per thousand impressions.
eCPM – effective Cost Per Mille (Total Earnings/Total number of Impressions)*1000
Fill Rate – Impressions divided by requests.
Clicks – The total number of users who actually clicked through the ad.
CTR – Click Through Rate, the number of clicks divided by impressions (%). 2% is sought after in the market.
VCR – View completion rate, percentage of impressions that viewed the ad all the way through.
Ad Tag – A piece of code that sends a request for an ad to an ad server.