Premium Campaigns

Launch rewarding ad campaigns and get the maximum out of your inventory with smart UX ad formats.

No More Intrusive Ad Experiences

Stop disturbing the reading flow with invasive advertising. Use our UX video ad formats to meet user’s expectations and attract new readers. 

Incremental Revenue

High CPM
Our refined ads coupled with high CPM guarantee you competitive prices on your inventory. With Impactify you will always stay on top of your game.

Premium Buyers

Quality Campaigns
Plugged only into premium demand pool, we select the best brands to advertise on your websites. Automatic yield help you secure the maximum value for every impression.

Better Ads Standards

Respect of User Experience
We’ve created our formats in accordance with the Coalition for Better Ads' requirements. Non-intrusive yet perfectly viewable, our ad units are the first UX oriented video ads on the market.​

Optimize Performance

Detailed Statistics & Guidance
Get access to a powerful and intuitive platform where you can monitor campaigns and analyze statistics. When expectations are not met, you are offered guidance to adjust your advertising efforts.​

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