At Impactify, “we are committed to the best possible mobile experience”

Original interview of Marina De Morand Kunthea, Head of Programmatic at Impactify, in Ecran Mobile Magazine:

Ecran Mobile – 25 years after the invention of the banner, can we still innovate in display?

MMK – The display banner in itself is no longer enough, advertisers are now choosing video advertising to attract more attention from the Internet user, transmit emotions and thus increase the rate of engagement. 

Impactify was born from this desire. We offer a fixed format that allows the user to be permanently exposed to the brand’s message without interrupting the user experience. For this purpose, we developed and protected the Impact Screen, a panoramic video footer format that fits perfectly on the whole mobile screen. 

Of course, there is always room for innovation in display. However, our approach today is to encourage publishers to opt for fewer and better formats.

EM – Is this “sticky” format accepted by mobile users?  

MMK – Our formats follow the recommendations of the Coalition for Better Ads. In fact, the sticky format at the top and bottom of the page are the two preferred formats of Internet users on mobile, according to one of their studies. And they do not exceed 30% of the screen height. So creating a panoramic sticky video footer at this place makes sense.

In terms of ad formats, we are committed to meeting the needs of Internet users by offering them the best possible mobile experience. The positive feedback from users, media publishers and advertisers has confirmed this positioning.

EM – What is the weight of mobile in your inventories? 

MMK – As mobile represents 85% of our inventories, we are indeed a mobile first player. We think of our formats for this mode of navigation first. 

The next logical step is in app, which is what our R&D team is working on. This will allow us to offer an additional source of revenue to app publishers, as well as a new video inventory for advertisers.

EM – Visibility that translates into better revenues for publishers? 

MMK – Video is one of the most profitable formats on the web, given the appetite advertisers have for it. Visibility rates and exposure time are two measures that encourage advertisers to allocate more budget to it.

Because we offer some of the highest performing KPIs in the industry, in terms of viewability, exposure time (18sec.), but also click-through rates (up to 40% higher than the outstream average), publishers who join us accelerate their revenues considerably, thanks to high CPMs.

EM – Mobile ad spend has surpassed TV spend. Are advertisers finally prioritizing smartphone campaigns?

MMK – In 2019, the end of TV’s reign was announced in a Zenith study: we were spending 170 minutes a day on the internet versus 167 in front of our TV. Advertisers have since extended the curves and progressively followed their customers in their new uses. 

Moreover, the mobile formats initially proposed did not allow the levels of visibility they were used to. Innovative formats, such as Impactify’s – sticky on the whole screen width – will, I am convinced, accelerate this trend, to the great satisfaction of publishers.

And finally for advertisers, mobile is an extraordinary lever that allows the brand to be within reach of their consumers.