Impactify Formats

Our UX-designed ad formats are compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads Standards

UX-Inspired Impactful Formats

Our formats follow up the editorial content without interfering with user navigation. When displayed, an ad unit plays a campaign for a few seconds and then discreetly disappears. By default, our video ads are autoplayed without sound.

To guarantee the best User Experience, Impactify serves only one video ad or player per page.

Inline Format

Our Inline format starts out as an in-page video. As the user scrolls down, the format transitions to playing in a sticky video player on the right of the screen. 

In-Feed Outstream

In-Feed video ads are served inside content feed. Natively integrated in the website layout, the ad unit appears in the heart of the user’s attention. Available across all devices, the format only begins to play when the video is in view.

Impact Screen

100% Viewable by design, the Impact Screen is a non-interruptive outstream format shown at the bottom notification area.  Compliant with Better Ads Standards, it doesn’t occupy more than 20% of the content of a page.

Native Oustream

The Native Outstream offers the best ad experience to audiences by perfectly blending in with the website layout and staying non-intrusive. It is completely customisable for a tailor-made ad unit complementing the website content.

Benefits for Publishers

  • Incremental revenue with new formats
  • Premium ads
  • Higher eCPMs
  • Non-intrusive experience for the user
  • Lightweight and fast-loading ad tags
  • Easy implementation
  • 100% Compliant with Better Ads

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Vieawibility guaranteed
  • Higher KPIs
  • Highly engaging formats
  • Non-intrusive experience for the user
  • Brand Safety
  • Anti-fraud technology
  • Monitored inventory by MOAT & DoubleVerify

The Evolution of Advertising

Our creative studio is constantly working to offer innovative and UX ad experiences. Feel free to contact us to get more information about our video and native innovations. We’ll be happy to introduce them to you.