Impactify Formats

Our UX-designed ad formats are compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads Standards

UX-Inspired Instream & Outstream

Our formats follow up the editorial content without interfering with user navigation. When displayed, an ad unit plays a campaign for a few seconds and then discreetly disappears. By default, our video ads are autoplayed without sound but it can be activated by a mouseover. 

To guarantee the best User Experience, Impactify serves only one video ad or player per page.

Our Inline format starts out as an in-page video. As the user scrolls down, the format transitions to playing in a sticky video player on the right of the screen. 

Mobile Outstream

The Impact Screen is a non-interruptive outstream format shown at the bottom notification area.  Compliant with Better Ads Standards, it doesn’t occupy more than 15% of the content of a page (30% is the maximum allowed by the Coalition for Better Ads).

The Rising Screen is perfectly positioned on the right side of the screen to stay always visible yet non-intrusive. It is fixed on scroll and expands on mouseover.

Invented by Impactify, the Impact Screen is a corner video format in the notification area.
We are the leading distributor of this format in Europe and Asia.

The Evolution of Advertising

Our creative studio is constantly working to offer innovative and UX ad experiences. Feel free to contact us to get more information about our video and native innovations. We’ll be happy to introduce them to you.