Impactify’s Guide to Google MCM Integration for Publishers

Welcome to Impactify’s MCM program! This guide is designed to streamline your integration into our Google MCM framework, ensuring a seamless partnership aimed at enhancing your ad revenue and optimising your ad management processes.

Why is Google MCM important?

For transparency, Google requires identification of the end publisher delivering their campaigns. The use of MCM has become mandatory for publishers to access our premium campaigns and Google’s programmatic deals across all Google Ads platforms, including DV360.

What is Google MCM Manage Inventory?

Google’s Multiple Customer Management (MCM) is a feature within Google Ad Manager that enables ad networks, sales houses, and other entities managing multiple publisher accounts to streamline operations and enhance ad management capabilities. MCM enables Impactify to efficiently manage campaigns originating from Google’s demand and platforms on your inventory.

Getting Started with Impactify’s MCM

To join Impactify’s MCM program and start enjoying the benefits of our partnership, follow these steps:

Step 1: Google Ad Manager (GAM) Account Requirement

  • Existing GAM Account: If you already have a GAM account, ensure it is active and compliant with Google’s policies.
  • New GAM Account: If you do not have a GAM account, you will need to create one to participate in our MCM program.

Step 2: Provide Necessary Details to Impactify

To initiate the MCM integration process, you need to provide Impactify with the following details from your GAM account:

EmailThe email address associated with your GAM account’s admin user.
Network IDYour GAM account’s unique network ID.

These details are crucial for us to send you an MCM invitation and configure your account for MCM participation.

Step 3: Accepting the MCM Invitation

Once you provide the necessary GAM details to Impactify, we will send you an MCM invitation via your GAM account. Here’s how to accept the invitation:

  • Log into your GAM account.
  • Navigate to the “Admin” section, and then to “All network settings.” Under the “Network Partner Management” section, you will find the invitation from Impactify.
  • Accept the invitation to complete the MCM connection process.

Step 3: Mandatory Google Audit

After accepting Impactify’s MCM invitation, all your websites will undergo a mandatory audit by Google to ensure compliance with their policies. During the audit, your websites will not receive ads from our Google demands. This is a standard procedure for all MCM participants (read more). Once the audit is complete, you will benefit from all of our premium campaigns and demands from Google.


  • Will Impactify have access to my GAM account or see my GAM revenues?
  • Could a MCM connection with Impactify impact my GAM configuration and revenues?
    No, the only information we have about your account is your Network ID and your GAM email to validate the program.
  • Do I need to update the ad tags?

Need Support?

For any questions or support regarding MCM integration:

  • Reach out to Impactify’s dedicated support team under the following email address:
  • Consult the Google Ad Manager Help Center for Google-specific inquiries.