Google Removed Billions of Bad Ad Experiences in 2017

For the past 15 years, Google has been consistently investing in technology and talents to tackle digital fraud, malware, and inappropriate content. As stated by Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Ads, Google never stops working on transforming the Internet into “a safe and effective place to learn, create, and advertise”. In his opinion, it is critical to keep fighting against negative experiences hurting the digital ecosystem.

To keep its words, in 2017 Google:

  • Deleted 3.2 billion ads violating the advertising policies (more than 100 adverts per second!);
  • Blocked 79 million ads sending people to malware websites;
  • Cut off 400 thousand unsafe sites from the network;
  • Removed 66 million trick-to-click ads and 48 million ads promoting undesirable software;
  • Dismissed 320 thousand publishers and blacklisted 90 thousand websites and 700 thousand mobile applications;

Apart from cutting off unreliable actors and controversial ads, Google has introduced 20 new advertising policies for publishers and 28 policies for advertisers and developed technology that removes Google ads from individual web pages breaching Google’s advertising policies.

Starting June 2018, Google will prohibit to advertise binary options, cryptocurrencies, and related content, unless the advertiser was certified by the network.

The process of improving Internet safety is gaining momentum in 2018. As the online advertising industry constantly evolves, so do Google’s methods to protect the digital environment.

Impactify expects 2018 to bring even more safety and anti-fraud initiatives, especially in the field of programmatic video advertising. If you wonder how you can protect yourself from ad fraud, contact our video ad network to get the answers.