Booming Digital Advertising Trends: 2018 Edition

Digital Advertising never stands still. If something was kicking off in 2017, in 2018 the same thing could be a total failure. That’s why both advertisers and publishers are constantly on guard of new, more efficient techniques that have a potential to improve their advertising efforts.

Impactify has looked into the roaring trends of the ongoing year and summed up the most promising digital advertising practices.

Mobile Advertising

We’ve all been underestimating the power of mobile advertising. And now it’s time to stop.

The number of users switching to smartphones keeps growing every month. According to Stone Temple, phones are accountable for more than 55% of all Internet traffic. So if you are not reaching your audience through mobile, you are losing the lion’s share of potential visitors.

We suggest keeping an eye on the newest trends like mobile video. Optimizing your video content for smartphone users might bring you major benefits in the long run.

Native Ads

Native is taking over thanks to seamless blending with the content of the page. Oftentimes, when a user is exposed to native he cannot tell whether he’s looking at the ad or authentic content. Native is smart, non-intrusive, and almost seamless. We bet sometimes even you cannot see an advert hidden in the Facebook feed.

Business Insider predicts that by the end of 2021 native ads will represent 74% of ad revenue. Whatever business goal you have in mind, adopting native format seems like a smart thing to do in 2018.


Companies like the IAB, Google, and the Coalition for Better Ads have all declared war on Internet shady players. With the new Google Chrome’s built-in AdBlocker, Ads.txt, and Ad Experience we can sleep tight as the digital environment safety has been taken care of.

Big players aim at protecting users from abusive and inappropriate digital experiences and raise barriers making it almost impossible to benefit from fraudulent activities. If you haven’t heard about recent anti-fraud initiatives check out our blog post about the Better Ads Standards and learn how you can improve your digital transparency.

Marketing Automation

If you work in marketing you probably know how overwhelming it can be. Just think about all these numerous platforms that you need to master in order to keep up with your competition.

But no worries, new technology is finally here to liberate us all from never-ending work. Marketing Automation Systems promise to make advertising easier by automating the vast majority of boring but yet important operations. If you’re looking for a simple way to enhance your campaigns, give marketing automation a go.

Big Data and Algorithms

We all know that sometimes there is just too much data to keep track of. In 2018, Big Data platforms are going to kick in, taking care of important metrics on behalf of advertisers and publishers. Big Data Systems use complex algorithms to monitor tags on sites and collect data you couldn’t put your hands on before.

Thanks to the new ways of data analysis, advertising actors can further optimize their strategies. More insights, targeting, and personalization in 2018! It seems like with the new technology on the market, soon we all are going to be able to run effective campaigns without exhausting the budget.

Personalization and Hyper-Targeting

Data-driven, personalized ad campaigns are the practices of tomorrow. Reaching out to the audience using the right message, right timing, and right channel is what all marketers are trying to achieve. Can you imagine the accuracy of targeting the new technology offers?

This is definitely going to reshape the world of programmatic advertising. Highly personalized data about the buyer’s behavior process will blaze out the game for many players on the market.

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